Google Ad Grants can give your organisation more visibility, more awareness, and hopefully ultimately generate donations.

Google Ad Grants for not-for-profits and charities

If you’re a non-profit organisation or charity, listen up! Now you can apply for Google Ad Grants to promote your charity. You could receive up to US$10,000 a month in click costs. Imagine what you could do with that! / MORE >
Presenting isn't as hard as walking a tightrope. But just like any extreme sport, the more you do it, the better you get.

Win at presenting, or, why we hate PowerPoint*

Recently we’ve been working hard at being better presenters. And we've learned heaps. So if your job involves presenting read on. / MORE >
Development manager Matthew Walker leading our daily stand up. Image from creative agency TimeZoneOne

Agile thinking

The TimeZoneOne digital team are going all-in on Agile. It’s a field rich with jargon: sprints, scrum meetings, stand-ups, definition-of-done, burndown, velocity, user stories, retros… but we’re not going to talk about any of that. / MORE >
Articles with images get 94% more total views, so this one’s a no brainer.

Creating and curating truly seductive content

An inbound marketing content guide for destinations, adventures and attractions. We share our top tips to give your digital content wow factor. / MORE >
Andrea Brewster

Why aren’t New Zealand businesses using Facebook?

We’re going to say it. Social media is the kale of marketing. Despite being popular, affordable and rich in benefits, many Kiwi businesses just aren’t on-board. Read on though, we’ve got our hands on some juicy, New Zealand-specific research that explores why this might be. / MORE >

Need a new website?

Building a new website is a big deal, and it can be incredibly daunting. But like anything, a bit of hard thinking and research upfront makes for a much better end product. Read on to find out how to make your new website your biggest marketing asset. / MORE >
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