Image from TimeZoneOne campaign promoting YHA New Zealand to Kiwis.

Road map to results. Destination marketing with TimeZoneOne

Promoting destinations and attractions is one of TimeZoneOne’s key areas of expertise. We have a track record of delivering impressive growth in visitor numbers and revenue. TimeZoneOne is an international agency with offices in Christchurch, NZ and Chicago, USA. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and we excel in working with small and / MORE >

Use it! A promotional campaign for RTA Trip Planner. Image from TimeZoneOne

RTA Trip Planner

A TZO Case Study The RTA Trip Planner is the one stop shop for Chicagoland travel information. Our mission? Encourage more people to use RTA Trip Planner to plan their Chicago summer adventures. Chicago locals were the heroes of a clean effective campaign centered on digital and social media, and incorporating Pandora radio adverts, geo-targeting / MORE >

Blue Man Group Hotel Package. A promotion for Chicago's Essex Inn

Chicago’s Essex Inn

TZO Case Study Chicago’s Essex Inn is on Michigan Avenue. As an independent hotel the Inn competes with multinational giants like the Hilton and the Holiday Inn. TimeZoneOne handled brand development and marketing for the Inn from 2012 until their recent acquisition by the Oxford Capital Group LLC in late 2014. Our goal  was to / MORE >

Taking a UX driven approach to your website offers you tangible business benefits

UX or bust

If you’ve been frolicking in the digital woods you’ve probably heard the phrase user experience, or UX. This is digital jargon for doing everything you can to ensure that your website offers your customers a fantastic experience. Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes is nothing new from a sales and marketing perspective. If there were / MORE >

Author and speaker Laura Schwartz talks to TimeZoneOne

Strategies for networking success with Laura Schwartz

Joshua Ferguson interviews  author, coach, and motivational speaker Laura Schwartz about how to get results with networking. Q. Laura, you’re a passionate advocate for networking and you’ve written a book Eat, Drink & Succeed that teaches people how to use networking to get results. We wondered you’d take us through some of the strategy behind / MORE >

A great brief kickstarts the creative process.

The creative process

Or how to get the best out of your agency Little in this world is idealized like creativity. Some creative agencies like to perpetuate the myth of a bunch of talented hipsters wafting around casually plucking brilliant ideas from the air like ripe peaches. We don’t. Cute as this image is, it devalues the rigor / MORE >

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