I’m a strategist and storyteller, helping you focus in on your customers’ dreams and needs to create a marketing strategy and brand story that will connect with them emotionally. To quote Simon Sinek, people don’t buy the what, they buy the why. And the why is always emotional.

Great marketing is a rolling conversation with your community. The purpose is not to shout louder about what you sell, but to create messages that are meaningful to your customers. Really effective brands use marketing to uncover customer insights that shape their product or service, creating a feedback loop that makes your business better and more successful.

But first, you have to care about that community: your people, your customers, your stakeholders. Get out there and talk to them, find out what makes them tick, and what questions you need to answer for them to feel affinity with your brand. This is what I enjoy most: hunting for golden insights in the stories of the people you serve.

I believe that business success is simply a by-product of focusing on these fundamentals. Make your customers happy with product and communications that matter to them. Remind them how great they are, not how great you are (even though you are really great!).

When I’m not pontificating on my marketing philosophy, I’m proud to lead our New Zealand team. It is a massive privilege to work with such a creative, clever, kind group of people. They blow my mind every day with their smart solutions, and their perseverance when the going gets tough. They also make me snort my coffee over my keyboard with their wicked sense of humour, but that’s another story.

I live in a small grey cottage on a hill inside an extinct volcano. When I’m not working I run, and garden, and go on adventures with my gorgeous family. One day I’m going to find the discipline to write a novel. But I’m a late starter, so that probably won’t be till I’m 70.

If you’re looking for advice on your customer personas, your brand strategy, or your content, I can help. I’m also quite handy with digital projects, so if you’re planning your next website, get in touch, and I can help you build a strong digital foundation for your marketing.

Sharing my knowledge, and coaching on strategic storytelling, is my favourite thing, so if you need a speaker at your conference, or you’d like me to run a workshop for your team, then say hello at [email protected]


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Alpine Pacific Touring Route

Marketing Destinations/ Brand Strategy

Alpine Pacific Touring Route

The Alpine Pacific, is New Zealand’s newest touring route, 450kms of spectacular scenery winding past wineries, alpine thermal pools, wild surf, and whales.

Retail & B2B Marketing

Digital Marketing/ Social Marketing


SKOPE is an iconic kiwi brand. For more than half a century, its heaters were an everyday sight in homes around the country, providing warmth, comfort, and familiarity.


Marketing Destinations/ Brand Strategy

Expedia Experiences

In June 2017, a friend at Expedia called Daniel and asked if we might be interested in putting together a proposal to evolve their activity email marketing.

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TZO Tradeshow Whitepaper

Experiences & Events/ Brand Strategy

Free Tradeshow Marketing Guide

TimeZoneOne teamed up with Hurunui Tourism, SKOPE Refrigeration, Perception PR, Lake Wanaka Tourism, and Whale Watch Kaikoura to share with you our five steps to tradeshow and expo success. Download your free guide now.

Using Content to Market Your Destination

Marketing Destinations/ Content Strategy

Free Content Marketing Guide

TimeZoneOne teamed up with Miles Destinations to write a guide on using content to market destinations. Download the guide to up your content marketing game.

Juanny and Timotheus

Brand Strategy/ Content Strategy

The Creative Process

People often ask us how we come up with our ideas. So here it is, our creative process unveiled.

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