I’ve spent 22 years navigating online spaces, yet with their constant changes, I still learn new things every day. That change is what inspires me, and it’s what creates new opportunities. It’s my job to help you determine which of those will create digital success.

I don’t tell many people, but I grew up in Auckland (Christchurch people can be a bit sensitive about Aucklanders…). After a completing a degree in marketing and economics I roamed the world for a few years, following the snow.

Eventually I settled in Christchurch, the perfect place to live for an outdoors person, and in the mid-1990s started one of the country’s first digital agencies. It was the perfect merger of my background in marketing, and my passion for technology.

And it’s about keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Essentially, the questions I ask are “what does success look like for you? In 12 months’ time, how will we know if your digital project has been successful?”.

Having said that, it’s not surprising that I still play (a lot) with technology. Customer relationship management is a big interest, not because I love stalking people, but because we want to deliver a more relevant experience—which in turn means they are more likely to do business with you. Add to that a dose of personalisation, geotargeting, and designing programmes around these technologies, and you can sort of visualise my day.

A key part of my role is understanding “what’s next” and how partners can benefit from it. This to me is the truly fun part; the unknown, the digital sandbox, and the sheer challenge of trying to understand the business application of new trends and technologies. Currently my favourite is even more personalised experiences, possibly using machine learning and AI. There are some really exciting times ahead.

At the end of the day, I head home to my “urban farm”: our inner-city oasis where I pursue my other passion of beekeeping. Yes, my world of strategy, technology and marketing is perfectly balanced by the organised and structured life of bees and their colonies.

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SKOPE is an iconic kiwi brand. For more than half a century, its heaters were an everyday sight in homes around the country, providing warmth, comfort, and familiarity.


A TimeZoneOne Website/ Canada

Panorama Mountain Resort

Panorama is a spectacular mountain resort in British Columbia, Canada. Their intimate village experience combines ski with a vibrant scene, hot pools, indulgent dining, shopping and spa treatments.


Digital Marketing/ Social Marketing


Kiwicare empowers New Zealanders to be home and garden heroes, with a home-grown range of pest control, garden care, and outdoor cleaning products.

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man tablet 1024px

A TimeZoneOne Website/ Digital Marketing

UX or Bust

Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes is nothing new from a sales and marketing perspective. So given that customer focus is old hat, why the hullabaloo about UX?

Why User Testing Matters

A TimeZoneOne Website/ Digital Marketing

Why User Testing Matters

For many organizations, their website is their business. So if your entire business operates online, better make sure that your customers enjoy using your website. Right?


A TimeZoneOne Website/ Brand Strategy

TimeZoneOne’s Approach to Website Projects

Our approach is designed to deliver business results, and return on your digital investment. Sounds simple right? That’s because it is.

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