Facebook Live Webinar: Engage, Delight, Grow, Convert

by Sebastian Boyle

Join us online to learn how Facebook Live can boost your destination or business. Chicago Time: Wednesday 20 June 6pm and Thursday 21 June 3pm. New Zealand Time: Thursday 21 June 11am and Friday 22 June 8am

Build Your Online Community with our Facebook Live Webinar

Join us for an online webinar about how Facebook Live can help you build your online community and boost your destination or business, hosted by Facebook enthusiast Sebastian Boyle.

Facebook Live gives you a whole new low-cost way to engage, entice and delight your online customer community, while pleasing one of the toughest critics of all: Facebook's algorithm.

In this fun and free-wheeling webinar, you'll find out exactly why you should use Facebook Live, and how you can make it work for your destination or business.

We'll cover:

  • Why Facebook Live is good for you, your audience, and for Facebook
  • What you need for a good Facebook Live video
  • The kinds of topics and content that suit Facebook Live
  • The technical ins and outs of using Facebook Live
  • What to do before, while, and after you go live
  • Examples of how Facebook Live videos have grown online communities and increased follower counts and reach.

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We're holding two sessions. You only need to attend one.

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Chicago Time: Wednesday 20 June 6pm
New Zealand Time: Thursday 21 June 11am

Webinar Two - Register Now!

Chicago Time: Thursday 21 June 3pm
New Zealand Time: Friday 22 June 8am

Previous participants have said...


Your presenter: Sebastian Boyle

"Facebook is kind of like my second home. That may be worrying for my growth as a human, but it's really good news for you because I'm ready and excited to share the fruits of my many wasted hours.

"Which, funnily enough, will no longer be wasted."

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About the Author

Sebastian Boyle

Sebastian Boyle

Content Strategist

At TimeZoneOne, I write and arrange words in manners delightful to people and artificial intelligence. You might find it helpful to talk to me if you would like something written, something jazzed up, or if you’d just like an idea or seventeen.

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