Why Shoot for the Moon when Your Customers Prefer Daylight?

TimeZoneOne’s Approach to Website Projects

by Dice Sales , Elizabeth Davidson & Lawrence Smith

Our approach is designed to deliver business results, and return on your digital investment. Sounds simple right? That’s because it is.

Start in the Right Place…

Most website projects start with a shopping list of cool stuff. And they end with a site that delivers a bunch of stuff, to varying degrees of cool.

And sometimes those sites work well. But a lot of the time they don’t, because nowhere in that shopping list is the most important person in your whole project. Your customer.

How much more powerful would your website be, if you thought hard about how you want your customers to feel, before you spent a single cent building a site for them?

So, we start with your users, and dig deep with you to find out what they need to know.

With the Fundamental Digital Essentials

All new websites, no matter how user focused and well researched, are simply elaborate hypotheses.

No one knows how your new website will perform until it’s out there in the wild with your customers using it.

Now we build a lot of high-performing websites, and we know a thing or two about making websites work. But best practice is simply what worked in the past. It’s not a guarantee. And it doesn’t leave room for innovation. So, we take a smarter approach.

We help you strip your new site back to the fundamental digital essentials to inspire your users, answer their questions, and meet their needs.

But That’s Only the Beginning

Once your new site goes live, we start to measure user interaction with the site, and identify opportunities for improvement.

We split your website budget into your fundamental essentials and your post-launch optimisation. Then we work with you in a quarterly or monthly cycle, to improve your site for your users.

We always ask three questions:

  1. Where are we now?
  2. Where do we want to go?
  3. What’s the next step?

This data-driven approach helps you continually enhance your website performance in an informed manner, based on user outcomes. It’s a simpler, smarter process that delivers results.

Sound Good? Say Hello!

If you'd like your website to be more inspiring and effective, we can help.

We're all about delivering results, so start by defining your business goals for your new website, then email us at [email protected]  so we can make something amazing together.

About the Authors

Dice Sales

Dice Sales

Digital Creative Director

I’m one of the digital designers at TimeZoneOne. I specialise in web design and development and I’m an advocate that sites should be structured, practical, and simple. My goal is to design and build beautiful, functional interfaces that delight and inform users.

Elizabeth Davidson

Elizabeth Davidson

Director of Content Strategy & GM New Zealand

I’m a strategist and storyteller, helping you focus in on your customers’ dreams and needs to create a marketing strategy and brand story that will connect with them emotionally.

Lawrence Smith

Lawrence Smith

Development Strategist

The constant evolution of the online space inspires and teaches me new things every day. It also creates new business opportunities. It’s my job to leverage digital change to help you create success for your business.

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