You can use these resources to send us a brief, request a change to your website, ask for support with your hosting, or log a request with our digital team.

Plus you can supply us with files, request your client ID number, check for the latest social media specs, or read one of our handy how to guides.

Send us a brief

Send us a brief for a marketing project, a campaign or a website.

You will need your client ID number to submit this brief.

Write a brief

Digital support

If you have a digital question or an issue you need resolved email [email protected]. Here are some examples of questions we can help you with.

  • My website is down
  • My email is not working
  • My contact form isn’t working
  • There’s a weird error on my website
  • My MailChimp template isn’t working
  • How do I update the ‘whatever’ section of my website?

To help us deal with the issue as quickly as possible, please:

  1. Describe the issue thoroughly:
    • What is the observed behaviour?
    • What was the expected behaviour
    • What steps do we need to take to reproduce the issue?
    • What have you tried already to resolve the issue?
  2. Include all relevant information:
    • browser version and operating system
    • error or warning messages shown
    • screenshots of both the entire window and the specific issue

If you have a new digital project to brief in please complete a brief form instead.

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