I am a Creative Director in the Chicago office.

In my years in this business, I have seen and done a lot of interesting, unique and challenging things. What I truly love about being in the creative world is that every day can be different and new. No client, project, or team is exactly the same, and that keeps a girl on her toes. To that end I am excited that my work at TimeZoneOne spans over a few different clients, and allows me to work with different groups of people.

I believe that a great creative leader makes the difference in motivating a team to deliver their best work, and I will always find a way to fight for the right idea. I love presenting to clients and getting them excited about new ideas.

I believe that spending time with animals is the cure to any bad day. I occasionally volunteer at a local dog shelter to give out walks and belly rubs.

My brain holds on to some very useless information, so if you need someone who has a vast knowledge of 80’s movies and music trivia I am your gal. A true movie buff at heart.