I lead the U.S. team, with a focus on storytelling, digital strategy and new business. After a fulfilling and successful career in media leadership, I joined TZO in 2022 to find new ways to bring stories to life, with brands I believe in.

When I was a young girl trying to chart my path, my father — an accomplished journalist — suggested I lean into my writing and pursue a career in journalism. “Anyone can write,” I told him. “It’s like breathing.” Of course, I came to realize that’s not the case for everyone, and off I went.

I’ve been fortunate to lead some of the top media outlets in Chicago. I helped launch Time Out Chicago as Executive Editor, and was listed on the masthead of the Chicago Tribune as Director of Content, overseeing lifestyle, travel, food/dining and arts coverage. Most recently, I led one of the top regional magazines in the country, as Editor in Chief of Chicago magazine.

Writing may be like breathing for me, but if experience has taught me anything, it’s that telling stories in the digital era is about much more than words. With so many platforms and so much information being thrown at us every day, it takes strategy, expertise and creative thinking to cut through the clutter. I’m excited to take what I’ve learned and apply it to brand strategy with the team at TZO, and with our client partners.

I’m passionate about helping people find things to do with their time, whether it’s travel, dining, sporting events, theater or making an exceptional cocktail to enjoy at home. TZO is passionate about these things, too, which makes us a perfect match! 

Family is important to me, and so is friendship. Lucky for me, two of my closest friends are my grown sons, Carson and Zach. I’m happy they’ve chosen to make Chicago their home, and I take every opportunity I can to take in this amazing city of ours with them or other friends. If I have a free moment, you’ll likely find me on a tennis court. (Note to self: Find more free moments.)

I’m starting this chapter at TZO at a time when the world is reemerging and we are finally figuring out the infamous “new normal.” It’s a time of change and incredible opportunity. We’ve all got challenges. And we’ve all got big dreams. Let’s figure out how to get to the good stuff together. Contact me at [email protected].