What motivates me is inspiration.

I seek it. I crave it. 

In my role at TimeZoneOne, inspiration comes in the form of digging into a partner’s business. Understanding the challenges you face and the goals you want to achieve, so that I can engage the agency in a way that best delivers on them. I guide the team to ensure the work we deliver is strategic, creative, above-and-beyond your expectations… and of course, on time and in budget. 

To me, the VP in my title stands for “valued partner” and that’s a role I don’t take lightly.

Do you want to know the best part? TimeZoneOne is full of so many inspiring and passionate people. It’s the reason I love this team. We work together to look at your business challenges in a unique and creative way. So, if you’re looking for the unexpected, you’ve found the right group of people.

A little about my background. It’s integration. So that’s also the lens I use when problem solving. My perspective on marketing is more than just creating a brand interaction, it’s about surrounding people with a brand experience. A sense of place. And it’s a huge reason I found my way into travel and tourism.

Inspiration is what keeps me moving outside of the Wrigley Building as well. 

I like to be involved in organizations with purpose. Whether that’s supporting my local neighborhood by volunteering with the Chamber of Commerce. Entertaining the LGBTQ community with my love of country music and line dancing. Or pursuing my desire to be a more well-rounded human being by attending an inspirational seminar. Inspiration keeps me busy. Luckily, I have a husband that’s willing to go along for the ride.

Regardless of what I take-on, I do it with my own sense of optimism. So, please feel free to reach out with a marketing challenge, an inspirational quote, or your favorite country song.