One of the best compliments I have ever received as a copywriter, is having a client read through what I’ve written for them and saying, “That sounds like me.”

What does being part of the Content Team look like? Some days, it’s writing a well-researched, quality blog article for a website. Others, it’s coming up with a snappy headline or slogan that grabs people’s attention. Working on a range of media across vastly different industries is why I love this job.

What does success mean to me? I still get a kick when I see a sign-written van driving around town and I know I’ve written the content for their website. One of the best compliments I have ever received, and I’m fortunate enough to have heard it a few times, is having a client read through what I’ve written for them and saying, “That sounds like me.”

In the marketing industry, calling yourself a storyteller has become a bit cliché. Just to be different, I call myself a Curse-Breaker. Most of our clients are ‘cursed’ with too much information and being too close to their profession. Because of this, many business owners and professionals struggle to tell their own stories, even though they are amazing at what they do. I love stepping inside their world with a fresh pair of eyes, clearing away the jargon, seeing what is actually important to their customers, and creating a message that will engage with them.


Despite the cliché, I love storytelling. At the moment, it means reading a lot of dinosaur books to my two young children. I’m looking forward to them growing older, so I can share more stories about our family history, who they are, and where they come from. Occasionally this means donning a kilt to share stories of whisky, poetry and Scottish culture on St. Andrews Day and Burns Night.

I’ve always been a proud ‘Mainlander.’ Born in Christchurch, raised and educated in Dunedin, I’m loving being back in the city I’ve always thought of as home.

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