I am a producer for TimeZoneOne. I want to make your video idea happen. I’ll be with your concept from start to finish. From the pre production process, to the actual production process all the way to the post production process I will be a supporting member of your vision.

I am a Chicago suburbs native who loves the Cubs and believes that ketchup does not belong on hot dogs. I’ve loved making videos ever since I was about 6 years old. One day I took the family camcorder (throwback!), ran down the block with it while recording and declared “I’m gonna make a movie!”.  I can say that I’ve had the same energy for the production process since that day.

If you come to me with an idea I can help you execute it. Video is creative, and good organization and solid planning go a long way to making a successful final product that you and I are both proud of. I love being able to see a project go from an idea to a polished video that you will be excited to share with your audience.

I am so glad to be able to work at a such a creative and collaborative company. Working as a team is extremely important in making any project successful. With the amount of talent at TimeZoneOne there is always someone who knows how to add to an idea and make it even better.

So far I have had the opportunity to work on the Illinois Made video projects and the Illinois Bicentennial video project. Going on the road for the Illinois Made shoot was incredibly cool. I got to see and capture parts of Illinois that I have never been to and tell the stories of people that I would have not met otherwise. If you look closely in the video for Buena Vista Art you might even catch my award winning acting performance as “girl who looks at lamp”.

I can’t wait to work with your vision and help make it a reality.

Lets connect!