At TimeZoneOne, I am the digital marketing manager, leading all digital strategic initiatives across TZO. As the digital lead, I provide guidance and recommendations on all planning and optimization concerns for your various digital efforts. 

As an experienced digital marketer, I come with a wealth of digital marketing knowledge spanning across all the major digital channels, including display, search and social. Some of the major clients I’ve worked with in the past include Walmart, Gatorade, Dell, Kendra Scott, Lids, Ralph Lauren, Vans and Meredith Magazines.

My passion for marketing began while attending the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, where I witnessed the connection between consumer behavior and marketing messaging by marketing University-sponsored events on campus. Marketing fascinated me so much, I decided to pursue a career uncovering how to better influence consumer behavior through digital. That fascination has guided my career through data analytics and strategic account management, creating the client advocate I am today.

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