As Travel Trade Coordinator here at TZO, I help introduce people to Illinois by organizing trade show information and helping coordinate trade and media familiarization trips (FAMs). Having gone along on a couple of FAMs myself to places like Rockford, Galena, Joliet, Pontiac and Springfield, I can tell you that as much as I thought I knew about my home state, there is so much more to learn!

I have lived in the Chicago area all of my life and I really love my hometown. I am glad to share my knowledge about Chicago and the rest of Illinois with the groups that are here for the first time. My passion for storytelling is a great benefit to the job.

I am very organized and enjoy order so working on the FAM itineraries is right up my alley. I try to keep a positive attitude and go where the day takes me. I believe positive thinking is thinking creatively about what you want to achieve, and I think about that every day when I hit a roadblock in both my professional and personal life. I really enjoy interacting with people and finding creative ways to get the job done. Whatever a client or co-worker needs I am glad to help look for a solution.

I live in Rockford, IL. It is a pretty long commute, so some may ask, “why is it worth it? How do you drive that long?” Well, all I can tell them is that I really enjoy my time at TZO. I have met great, helpful people in and out of the office that make this city and state a great place to visit and live in.

When I am not at TZO, I’m at home in Rockford spending time with my family and my seven-year old dog, Hubbell. I adopted him when he was three months old, and he has kept me on my toes and laughing ever since. 

Looking forward to my future at TZO!