I’m a Graphic Designer at TimeZoneOne. I love being in the business of making things beautiful.

There’s no time in my life I can recall not being drawn to art and all it entails. Growing up, my hyper-fixations would range from book illustration, to fashion design, to photography with my little red Kodak digital camera. Having a career in a field that I’ve always had a fervor for is a dream come true.

My foundation and degree in graphic design have helped me grow as a creative. As I've grown, I've had more opportunities to apply myself to different areas of design, allowing me to discover where my passions lie. One of these is a love for all things branding and brand identity.


Besides my passion for all things design, I’m also a cat enthusiast, serial Mad Men watcher, and makeup aficionado. I live with my two sweet kitties, Finn and Frankie, 30 minutes outside of downtown Chicago. I’ve lived in the Illinois suburbs for all of my life and have always adored the city, taking every chance I get to go down and explore all there is to see and experience (and I still haven’t scratched the surface!)