I manage projects through the creative studio, by providing our designers with all the information they need to do a great job and on time to make sure we meet our client/partner expectations.

I also work closely with our designers as a production artist to take a job from design/creative stage through to final art. Occassionally you can also find me coding emails and populating websites. I collaborate with the digital and client engagement team when they need support too. This makes my job very changeable and extremely interesting.

I delight in working with such an open collaborative team as TZO. It’s so rewarding. I love how we complement each other with our variety of skills and how open everyone is to hearing the ideas of all team members – ensuring we reach the best possible outcome for our client/partners.

I’m so proud to be working for a company that takes social responsibility seriously and is striving to be of value to the world. Karolyn and I are TimeZoneOne’s NZ Volunteer Champions, and I’m so thrilled that we are paid to take a day off our usual work duties every year to volunteer in the community. How awesome is that?

I enjoy the sense of achievement I get working at TimeZoneOne. I love finishing off a job and knowing it’s had the best of my attention. I revel in getting my teeth into a sizeable job and getting stuck in, but I also love working my way through a to do list, ticking off all those small bits. When our partners are happy it gives me a real buzz to know I’ve met or exceeded their expectations.

Recently the TOP 10 rebrand has been great fun, and a challenge. It has certainly kept me on my toes. But I love the TOP 10 team, they’re a great bunch to work with. I also enjoy traveling around NZ and seeing my work all over the place.

The most rewarding thing for me outside work is spending time with my kids; all four are now teenagers. Another big chunk of my time is spent at church, and as one of the leaders of Garden City Pathfinder Club, a teens group similar to Scouts but with a Christian spin. We also try to make the most of the many and varied free Christchurch events our council offers. Aside from that we keep ourselves busy camping, walking, reading, watching movies together or going to the symphony orchestra, ballet or operas.

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SKOPE is an iconic kiwi brand. For more than half a century, its heaters were an everyday sight in homes around the country, providing warmth, comfort, and familiarity.

The Field Museum, Illinois

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We’ve had the pleasure of marketing some of the world’s most spectacular visitor destinations here at TimeZoneOne. But the opportunity to drive travel in Illinois, the home of our headquarters and so many of our team? That’s a dream—and you’ve got to pursue your dreams.


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Kiwicare empowers New Zealanders to be home and garden heroes, with a home-grown range of pest control, garden care, and outdoor cleaning products.

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