At TimeZoneOne, I organise your social calendar… your social media calendar, that is. You might find it useful to talk to me if you’re interested in converting passive prospects into captivated consumers.

I’m all about sharing your story in a meaningful way across social platforms that inspire excitement and resonate with your audience. I am a creative, but I gravitate toward numbers that reveal the success behind those creatives. Let’s just say, I’m both a left and right-brain thinker. I also think about food, a lot. I'm not sure which side of the brain that is. Maybe it's just my stomach... 

What I love about working at TimeZoneOne is being surrounded by individuals that are at the top of their game, whether that be strategy, creative or digital. Together we create marketing strategies that are relevant, build affinity and drive organisational change. We also eat alphabet-shaped donuts, so that’s cool.

While I hold American citizenship, no border can keep me bound. Traveling is the story that landed me in New Zealand. But when I’m not here you can find me sipping green tea lattes in Japan, exploring Mayan ruins in Belize, spotting wildlife in Namibia, or simply in my kitchen dreaming up four-course meals inspired by any number of countries on my bucket list. Move over Taco Tuesdays, it’s time for Fat Cake Fridays. (Okay, I know it doesn’t sound that appetizing, but don't judge until you've tried it.)