Hello. I’m Kristin, Creative Director and head of TimeZoneOne’s content team. I’m also the resident chicken expert (read on, I’ll explain).

I love helping a brand discover their story. I lean on my background as a strategic writer and thinker to concept ideas and craft plans around how to engage with consumers, ensuring there is a strong, consistent and cohesive message. Whether I’m writing an internal email or a national TV spot, I craft every word carefully.

Content is king. That’s what Bill Gates said… in 1996. And while that still rings true today, experience is everything. And that’s what I love most—creating engaging content that surrounds consumers with an experience.

Ultimately, I just love ideas. And tulips. And champagne. I grew up in the northwest suburbs of Illinois, attended Northern Illinois University and then moved to Chicago. This means I have never lived anywhere besides Illinois, which also means I have suffered through 30-something Chicago winters (but who’s counting?).

Thankfully, my love for travel gets me out of the Illinois bubble. I’m always yearning for adventure. Like, riding a camel in the Sahara. Standing a few meters from a brown bear in Alaska. Cage diving with great whites (sorry, mom!). These days, the closest I get to traveling is Adventure Bay (#toddlerjokes).

Speaking of toddlers, after living downtown for 12 years, my husband and I traded our city condo with a spiral staircase for a suburban home with a chicken coop. We’ve now settled in with our household of 10. That’s two adults, one toddler, a preschooler and six chickens. Clearly, I thrive in chaos.

Whether you need an engaging piece of content, an idea (or 30) or a tip on raising children & chickens, I can help.