As a full stack developer in our New Zealand office, you can probably expect me to be the one working on that tiny little thing that should be better on your website. To me, web development is about solving problems, and that’s what I enjoy most about my job. It’s like a new puzzle to solve every day.

This is my first job almost straight out of tertiary education. I started study intending to be a graphic designer, but found I loved web development more… and now here I am. I learn new things every day at TimeZoneOne, and, surprisingly, I even teach the other developers a thing they didn’t know every once and awhile.

Working here is great. You get to hang out with some awesome people, and solve problems that make even a small difference to people’s lives. I enjoy making cool stuff and learning as I do it—and being able to point at something on a site and say “I did that!”. I’m proud of my involvement in the Kiwicare website in particular, as it was one of my first projects.

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