Namaste! I'm Rakesh, and I will manage all your digital projects at TimeZoneOne. I come from the beautiful and diverse India.

I’m a software project management professional with significant exposure to multiple industries: tourism, healthcare, e-commerce, food, telecommunications, SAAS products. I assist organisations in implementing and optimising information technology, supporting strategic initiatives to eliminate operating and cost inefficiency and achieving revenue goals. My job is to define, manage and prioritise team schedules for multiple roles to ensure every project is delivered on time and within budget.

What I love about working at TimeZoneOne is its customers-first policy and the amazingly talented team. We learned the hard way that not all problems and tasks may have ready-made or tried-out solutions. But our experience in the business has enabled us to find the solutions that work—meaning we can spend our time focusing on what may work, rather than what we know won’t.