I’m a Senior Digital Designer at TimeZoneOne. I’m a passionate and meticulous designer, who loves coffee and an organised desk.

I’m involved across a range of creative projects that encompass graphic design, UX/UI and all things digital. I strive to solve problems using my creativity, and enjoy adding value to projects with the wider team. For the past 10 years I’ve been a graphic designer, but since COVID I've moved further into the digital landscape.

With such a diverse range of clients and projects, I relish the variety of what I design day to day. I am driven by finding solutions and developing my knowledge basethere’s always something new to discover in my field. Usually my day starts early, to make the most of our time zone differences: I walk to work, taking in the sunrise, and then connect with the US team. Then I spend the afternoon supporting my colleagues in New Zealand.

I’m passionate about digital design, with a focus on Adobe XD (creating websites and working prototypes). I then hand over to our in-house developers to build out the designs. It’s really satisfying to see your initial ideas made into something that people can connect with and experience, and this interactivity is a real step up from static design.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two dogs, often referred to as our “fur babies”. I have lived in Christchurch most of my life, although I have been fortunate to travel to many different countries around the globe. Japan is one of my most favourite places. I connected strongly with their culture, landscape, people, and especially the multi-storey stationery buildings!

I’m very close with my Mum, who is also very creative. I used to follow her around when I was young at many craft fairs and events (and still do these days). I absolutely love crafts, and over the years I have tried my hand at lots of different skillssuch as; making my own jewellery, sewing clothes, and currently knitting! I like the idea of creating something tactile from raw materials, and it’s a great break from the screen for my eyes.