Sebastian’s my name; rhyming’s my goal. At TimeZoneOne, I write and arrange words in manners delightful to people and artificial intelligence; and I develop digital, website and creative strategies to put those words in front of people. 

You might find it helpful to talk to me if you would like something written, something jazzed up, or if you’d just like an idea or seventeen.

I love connecting with different audiences in persuasive, compelling and entertaining ways. If you need a page of direct, informative content, I’ll be there—but if you need something with a bit of wit, a bit of charm, and a bit of “I didn’t expect that but I’m so glad I got it”, then I’ll be there with bells on. I love adding personality and character to brands and their content, and finding effective ways to do things a little differently. That’s something I get to do a lot of here at TimeZoneOne, which means I don’t usually awaken with a feeling of crushing despair.

I've been working on websites and social media for about as long as each has existed. I started out teaching myself HTML to build fansites for a certain galaxy far, far away as a teenager, then developed social media presences for clubs and the student association while at university. I always get a real buzz that those skills I started to teach myself all that time ago have translated into an actual benefit for our clients! (Plus, it helps post-validate the time spent on those fansites.)

Working here, I appreciate the opportunity to switch between strategy and hands-on work. Keeping a foot in both camps is where I'm at my best.

A lot of what I do outside work also sits in the communications realm. I involve myself in a lot of theatre—acting, writing, directing, and watching. A highlight was breaking my hand mid-performance as Hamlet in front of an audience of 300. I’d say it was method acting, but Hamlet never actually suffers that kind of injury. It certainly added to the angst.

I also work occasionally as a role play participant in communications coaching workshops, helping teach doctors and other professionals better interpersonal skills. And on weekends, I sometimes dress up as Batman or other superheroes to entertain at children’s parties (it’s important to note that I’m invited to do so).

That’s usually the bit that people find most interesting, so I can probably stop here. Now, tell me about you.