New Zealand’s Newest Touring Route

Alpine Pacific Touring Route

The Alpine Pacific, is New Zealand’s newest touring route, 450kms of spectacular scenery winding past wineries, alpine thermal pools, wild surf, and whales.

The Alpine Pacific, is New Zealand’s newest touring route, 450kms of spectacular scenery winding past wineries, alpine thermal pools, wild surf, and whales.

Lizzie and Christine talk about what it feels like to build a beautiful brand.

Driving Visitor Growth

We’re destination marketing experts, working to grow visitors for destinations, attractions and adventures in New Zealand, the US and Canada.

We know road trips and scenic drives are top visitor drivers. From Route 66, to the wild west coast of New Zealand, we can vouch for the power of the road trip to attract organic traffic, generate social buzz, and grow visitor numbers.

So, when the Alpine Pacific Touring Route committee asked if we’d like to work with them on their brand story and website, we said a big hell yes!

It helps that we already work with two of the businesses on the committee, our wonderful Kaikoura partners, Whale Watch and Dolphin Encounter. It also helps that our Christchurch office is full of proud Cantabrians keen to attract visitors to the region to counteract the fall in tourism after the earthquakes in Christchurch and Kaikoura.

Telling Strong Stories

Our mantra as a creative partner is threefold.

  1. We tell stories
  2. We solve problems
  3. We generate results

Of these three, stories are the heart of the matter. Every successful marketing piece starts with a strong story. We established success factors for the Alpine Pacific’s brand story to make it powerful and inspiring.

The brand story must:

  • Make emotional connections with the route
  • Inspire people with special Alpine Pacific moments
  • Showcase amazing experiences nearby and close together
  • Be authentic. Insiders share their favourite spots with locals
  • Convey the key messages diversity, proximity and ease

The brand story needs to add value. Our goal is to inspire people to do more than day trips. We want them to go further, stay longer, and savour discovering the Alpine Pacific.

Developing Visitor Personas

Every strong story starts with an understanding of your audience. One size fits all messaging is dead and done. We’re in the age of personalised messaging served to targeted groups of individuals. We help our partners tailor their brand stories to resonate with their target audiences.

We’ve developed two detailed visitor personas for the Alpine Pacific Touring route. These build on the basic targeting identified by the committee, with further research, and our understanding of the New Zealand domestic visitor market. We considered their motivations for touring the Alpine Pacific, key visitor insights, and stories to appeal to the interests of each personas.

Alpine Pacific Touring Route

Moments of Shared Delight

Brand positioning is your unique story. Succinct and emotive, it’s a guiding principle for everything you do, and every communication you make. It guides all your marketing activity. Successful brand positioning, becomes how you’re known by your customers.

Alpine Pacific brand positioning is informed by mindful travel, moments of meaningful connection, and connecting with nature.

Travel is rich in those moments where you slow down and connect with people. Moments of shared delight make memories. We want to encourage people to take their time to savour these moments with a website guide to the Alpine Pacific, packed with unforgettable experiences for couples and families, with everything from adventure to rustic romance.

Alpine Pacific Touring Route tablet view

Slow Down, Meander, and Connect with Nature.

As we write this, our hard-working partners are busy populating the Alpine Pacific site with content. It’s launching very soon, and we can’t wait.

It’s a privilege to be able to turn the skills we’ve honed working for destinations and travel companies around the world, to making our own region more economically vibrant. And it’s a vast pleasure to share the beauties we know and love with the wider world. We believe the Alpine Pacific is destined to be known as one of the top scenic routes in the world. If you’re lucky enough to live in New Zealand, the Alpine Pacific is packed with unforgettable experiences right on your doorstep. So, hit the road and take your time to savour the moments.

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