I lead the team here at TimeZoneOne. I can help you come up with marketing strategies that increase revenue and deliver results and true ROI for your business. I can also deliver powerful business strategy that works on the frontline to grow business and improve your customers’ experiences.

I came to Chicago from New Zealand more than ten years’ ago, and since then, I’ve fully immersed myself in the Chicago tourism industry.

I moved here to become GM at John Hancock Observatory, where I rejuvenated the brand, majorly boosted attendance and financial performance, and drove innovation with the creation of the world’s highest skating rink.

I’m also on the Board of Directors of The Magnificent Mile® and Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, and I co-chair the BMO Harris Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. I was elected to the Executive Committee of the World Federation of Great Towers in 2005, and am its current Executive Director.


And that’s a big part of what we fundamentally do here. We solve problems. You might come to us because you’re not getting the numbers you want from your website. Or you want a more innovative or creative campaign than what you’ve got out there. That’s the problem-solving component.

Then there’s the other part of the equation: telling stories. We solve problems, and tell stories. It’s the “telling stories” where the rubber hits the road. It’s something we’re very skilled at—not just telling the stories, but telling the right stories, to the right people. Making it relevant for them, and reaching them in the right way.

We integrate here. We combine the strategic approach, the digital approach, and also the creative and content side. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to communications, marketing, and advertising. We really focus on the ROI for you. Because you, your business, and your customers—that’s why we’re here. And that’s why I’m here.

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Experiences & Events/ Creative

Lights Festival 17

TimeZoneOne is proud to help The Magnificent Mile promote The BMO Harris Bank Magnificent Mile Lights Festival. Created by The Magnificent Mile community for the people of Chicago, the Festival is a holiday tradition attended by a million people, and a live TV spectacle, shown nationwide.


Experiences & Events/ Travel Trade Marketing

Route 66 Activation in London

The first stage of a traveler’s decision-making journey is “dream”. They need to be inspired with something that gives them a taste of a destination. Coming up with new ways to do that is a challenge—but we found a winner when we brought a little of Route 66 to London’s Regent Street Motor Show.


E-marketing/ Strategy

Expedia Experiences

In June 2017, a friend at Expedia called Daniel and asked if we might be interested in putting together a proposal to evolve their activity email marketing.

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Brand Strategy/ Content Creation

Inspiring Visitors to Illinois

From snackable mobile content, to video first, today’s travelers demand destination websites that are relevant, useful, and inspiring. And that’s exactly what we delivered with the new website for the Illinois Office of Tourism.