I’m the studio production manager and a senior designer. I help manage your projects through studio in an efficient manner, providing our designers with all information they need to do a great job, and working closely with our client engagement team to make sure we meet your expectations.

I bring years of design (and life-) experience to the table and enjoy applying that knowledge to help our partners succeed. I can help you establish timeframes and budgets for your projects, find the right supplier/material/format for the task, and make sure the right talent is involved. If I can make your day, that’s success for me.

I’ve been working here for 10 years, and I’ve stayed so long because of the calibre of our partners and our people. I find it very rewarding working with a wide range of partners, learning about my colleagues, and finding the right designer-client combination. Sometimes the most challenging projects are the most successful, because we all learn and grow in the process.

I do have a few favourite brands. I’ve been working with Ronald McDonald House since I started at TZO and love helping them grow and develop their brand. The people at the House are inspirational and always a pleasure to work with.

Working on YHA New Zealand creative is like travelling from your desk. It’s given me a chance to learn more about New Zealand and inspires me to explore this amazing country more. YHA also have great values and are an awesome bunch of people. 

I also really love the work we did for the School of the Art institute of Chicago. Working with one of the best art schools in the world was exciting! The team there always challenged us to think outside the box and find new and innovative ways to empower artists and students. Plus, they’re located in Chicago – a city I love with all my heart.

I’m an introvert extrovert, born and raised in Germany. I worked in hospitality from age 16 and started my career path there, but later decided to follow my other passion and trained to become a wallpaper designer. I came to NZ 20 years ago to study English and design. I may have stopped working in hospitality, however I can still make you a mean flat white if you ask me nicely.

I love to travel. My fondest travel memories are connected to food – I reckon you can learn a lot about a country and its people through their cuisine. I like to go on hikes around NZ, but if there isn’t time for that a long walk with the pooches will do just fine! I love my dog – all 3.5kgs of him. Watching him run along the beach or through the forest makes me laugh every time. That’s the best therapy!

Aside from the outdoors I find great joy in fonts, my garden, calligraphy, live music, dancing, more dancing, documentaries, art galleries, and food.

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The Field Museum, Illinois

Digital Marketing/ Social Marketing

Illinois Social Media

We’ve had the pleasure of marketing some of the world’s most spectacular visitor destinations here at TimeZoneOne. But the opportunity to drive travel in Illinois, the home of our headquarters and so many of our team? That’s a dream—and you’ve got to pursue your dreams.


Digital Marketing/ Social Marketing


Kiwicare empowers New Zealanders to be home and garden heroes, with a home-grown range of pest control, garden care, and outdoor cleaning products.

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Travel Trade Marketing/ Experiences & Events

Illinois Governor’s Conference on Travel & Tourism

TimeZoneOne produces the annual conference for Illinois’ tourism industry. Every year, we aspire to curate a compelling content rich event, relevant to the diverse and dynamic businesses hosting and entertaining Illinois visitors.

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