When I was eight, I watched JAWS for the first time. The experience quickly affirmed two beliefs that I still hold to this day: the ocean is terrifying, and storytelling is awesome.

I'm the creative director of cinematography at TimeZoneOne. That means a whole bunch of stuff: it means we can work together on a film series that reinforces something your business is passionate about, it means we can work on a hockey commercial that highlights your brand, and it means that - if you catch me on a Friday afternoon - I can make you a mean cocktail.

I work from home in Blacksburg, Virginia, but I'm originally from New Zealand. "Don't you get lonely…?" Sure, but I can make a grilled cheese sandwich whenever I want, so I'm feeling pretty good about my life choices. I live here with my wonderful wife, and together, we've become adept at the culinary arts, because honestly there's no good restaurants in town.

I like to listen to the same song on repeat for hours. A cognitive psychologist wrote a book on the subject, but I’m not much of a reader. I just wanted to give the impression that I knew what a 'cognitive psychologist' was.

I love to tell stories and I love to listen. We should make something cool together.


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Alpine Pacific Touring Route

Website & App Development/ Strategy

Alpine Pacific Touring Route

The Alpine Pacific, is New Zealand’s newest touring route, 450kms of spectacular scenery winding past wineries, alpine thermal pools, wild surf, and whales.

The Field Museum, Illinois

Digital Marketing/ Social Marketing

Illinois Social Media

We’ve had the pleasure of marketing some of the world’s most spectacular visitor destinations here at TimeZoneOne. But the opportunity to drive travel in Illinois, the home of our headquarters and so many of our team? That’s a dream—and you’ve got to pursue your dreams.

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Video Production/ Storytelling

Illinois Made

In summer 2017, our video crew hit the road. They drove from the north of Illinois to the southern forests, interviewing 15 Illinois Made artisans and filming their stories. Cinematographer Johnny Hall tells the tale.

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