Your resource for all things related to in-bound travel from the US, I’m here to advocate for Brand USA by spreading the word to Canadians about the endless opportunities for memorable, unique, and cultural travel south of the border. You can find me at TZO’s Canadian headquarters in Toronto.

Sharing awareness of culture and diversity makes the world a better place and what better way to do so than through storytelling? I wake up every day excited to see what the world is talking about. I thrive on positive news and it’s even better if people are telling great stories because of my work.  Inspiring people to travel with beautifully articulated words and imagery, and growing a destination’s visitor economy, keeps me motivated in my career. 

I spent nearly a decade telling Toronto’s story through media and marketing. In that time, I was part of a team that put Toronto on the global map, enhanced the visitor economy, and continued to generate millions in earned media value. Through the power of story, Canada’s largest city maintained its momentum, to be perceived as one of the most desirable international cities to visit!


Inspire me with knowledge through hands-on experiences. Show me first-hand where cultures are born. That’s what I love about the travel and tourism industry.  It offers an authentic experience of self-learning that results in great stories. In a world saturated with opinions, let’s work together on sharing the positive vibes… always.

When I’m not wearing my PR hat, you can find me disguised as a devoted wife and mom of two, dedicated dog walker, personal chef, and enthusiastic shopper. My great escape is jumping on my motorcycle and cruising through the countryside with my husband.