Photography, typography and illustration are all good and dandy on their own, but crafting that perfectly balanced cocktail is where I come in. A graphic designer and artist at hear, I take your story and create a visual identity by pushing pixels around a screen.

Design is more to me than just elegant type or photography, it’s an emotional vehicle that moves people through the world around us. I’ve explored finding my own unique voice that expresses that narrative from my experience.

I enjoy the exploration of concepts with other creatives, it’s one of my favorite aspects of being a graphic designer. Working in a collaborative setting where ideas and dialogue are exchanged freely is a great perk of the job and is important to any creative process.

I am originally from the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. Spending most of my time in skateparks, snowboarding and attending local DIY punk rock shows, I found an interest in graphic design through skateboard branding, magazines and artwork and the occasional invitation to design a concert flyer. I’ve recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago’s graphic design program and I’ve turned my hobby into a career.

I am pretty excited to work on SAIC’s undergraduate materials, just being a recent college graduate, I liked that I could give some immediate art direction concepts and insight that I felt reflects the current art university culture.

When I am not designing you can find me attending punk rock shows and seeking out some of the best craft breweries in Chicago.