As a TZO PR Account Coordinator, I’m your problem solver who aspires to turn being a people-person into a career.

I’m removing the spin from PR and injecting some problem-solving gusto in whichever role or workspace I’m in. Whether I’m brainstorming inspiring ideas for activations, or ensuring a package gets from point A to point B, I’m giving it my 100% every time.

I’ve battled the bold and the beauty of public relations in Auckland, New Zealand. Now in Chicago, I’ve put my qualifications and my experience in brand communications into action. If changing from one culture to another has been a test for me, moving across the world was for sure a final exam.

In the Windy City, I’m involved with social media, media relations, and activations for clients who inspire me to deliver amazing results day in and day out. My interests lie in the sports industry and digital technology with how it influences the strategic process.

As a member of the Enjoy Illinois social team, it’s been a fun challenge developing my Midwestern voice. Drafting content, engaging with communities, and implementing social campaigns are the core of my working role at TimeZoneOne. I always strive to bring along my personality and my sense of humor to a fast-paced work environment.

My natural instinct to shy away from the limelight means I’ve learned to appreciate the process and not just the end result. I throw myself into new experiences, learning and allowing me to bring out the best in myself and our team. That team innovates, energizes, and fosters each other, allowing each other’s talents to shine and not their egos.