I specialize in search engine optimization, digital data analysis, and user experience optimization.

SEO is a continuous cycle of improvement, so I monitor your website’s organic effectiveness, report on key KPIS, make recommendations, and optimize your site to improve organic traffic and engagement from your target market.

Our data-driven approach helps you enhance your website performance in an informed manner, based on your user outcomes. I measure user interaction with your site and identify opportunities to improve your user experience and deliver better business results for you.  

I’ve studied search engine algorithms for over sixteen years,  and  wrote: The Five Pillars of SEO, to educate people on the five facets that drive the ranking decisions of search engine algorithms: relevance, authority, site speed optimization, user experience design and security.

Recently, I also wrote The Every Click is a Customer System, a guide to improving your results from paid search and converting more website visitors.

Digital marketing provides me with continual challenges, and it’s wonderful helping our partners achieve their marketing goals. Every day is a new day with new opportunities to grow and be challenged.