As a Content Marketing Manager, my biggest responsibility is delivering top-shelf, Grade A, primo writing for our clients. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m your guy!

I also manage a bevvy of digital content, including websites, blogs, social media, and email marketing. And my favorite step of any new project is the discovery, because we get to deep dive into your customer research and data. Who are your customers? What are their dreams, their needs and their questions? What motivates them? How can we make their lives better? Every project should begin and end with your customers.

Come for the strategy, stay for the people. At TimeZoneOne, we have some amazing partners and an incredible team. I value each one of my clients and colleagues and the smart insights they bring to the content marketing table.

I’ve had the privilege of participating in some incredible projects at TimeZoneOne, but one of my favorites was developing content for As a lifetime resident and pre-disposed fan of all things great Illinois, it was a delight to tell stories to promote the best things to see, do and eat throughout the state. And with some impressive results, an ESTO award for Best Destination Marketing Website, and a Best Award finalist, I guess we did a good job.

When I’m not hard at work, I enjoy hanging with my super rad wife, and doing a wide variety of things in no particular order. Creating. Talking. Eating. Hiking. We’ve recently moved to San Diego, and I now work for TimeZoneOne remotely, so I’m very familiar with our neighborhood coffee shop, and my sofa. It’s working for me!