Everything and anything digital at TimeZoneOne comes under my purview. I evaluate digital strategies and solutions that help meet your business goals.

My core area of expertise is digital marketing: paid search, digital display and social advertising. Like everyone else at TimeZoneOne, my primary focus is on your ROI, so I’m always looking for ways to get you more bang for your digital buck.

I also track digital trends and evaluate new digital platforms, to see what value they bring to your business and to TimeZoneOne’s digital operations.

Lastly, I also oversee video production. My background is in video as well as digital, with twenty years broadcast and production experience at Post Newsweek Cable, ABC, and FOX SportsNet Chicago.

Digital marketing is an exercise in targeted inspiration. As your marketing partner and advocate we work with you to find out as much as we can about your customers, find them online, and try to influence them to take actions that help you meet your business goals.

The digital marketing challenge is to market directly to hundreds of thousands of people, yet make your messages feel relevant and personal to them. It’s a challenge I relish. It appeals to my inner hunter gatherer, first we hunt down your leads, then we nurture them. Or to use another analogy, it’s like fly fishing. We ask ourselves, which fly will work best in this river. I also enjoy analogies.

Working with our brilliant international team rocks, it’s culturally exciting. I love working with my colleagues. Our challenges are different every single day. There’s always something new and win or lose, we’re always learnings from our results.

Key projects I’m proud of include working with Saint James School of Medicine. We grew their business from a point where they had no idea who their students were, or where they came from, to being able to look at a classroom full of students and know exactly which digital lead had led to each person being in that room.

I’m also very proud of the holiday campaign we ran with Garretts Popcorn. The campaign got impressive results, but that’s not the only reason it is a personal highlight for me. It was an opportunity to work with an iconic Chicago brand that’s part of our city’s landscape. Their team are outstanding, and it was so much fun to work with such knowledgeable, professional and passionate people. It was awesome to be part of their story, and we hope we’ll be able to partner with Garrett again in the future.

And I can’t not mention the Illinois Made video shoot. I have never had a production schedule like that in 20 years of making videos, it was beyond aggressive, and it really stretched our team. But Johnny and Marla were just amazing. Seriously, they were so fantastic, both as a team, and individually. And man, it came out right. Stunning results!

When I’m not at TimeZoneOne I’m a beekeeper, and club leader for the 4-H Beekeeping club in DuPage County. The 4-H organization has been around since 1890. It started as a way to share agricultural skills, but now it’s way more diverse. I teach beekeeping to around ten kids each summer, and it’s so much fun. Six years and only one bee sting on my watch!

To keep things interesting, I’m the drummer in a punk rock band called the Ungrateful Punks. You can catch us at any dodgy dive bar in Chicago, we play them all. And of course, I love spending time with my two kids. Right now, I’m becoming immersed in my youngest’s Tae Kwan Do classes. He’s about to earn his second degree black belt.

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