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Lake Wanaka Tourism has been nominated as a website finalist in the Best Design Awards 2017. Website by TimeZoneOne
Experience pillars for the new Lake Wanaka Tourism website. Another destination site designed and built by award winning tourism marketer TimeZoneOneA better mobile experience on the new Lake Wanaka Tourism website. Another destination site designed and built by award winning tourism marketer TimeZoneOne


Wanaka is a luxury destination in the South Island of New Zealand. TimeZoneOne collaborated with Lake Wanaka Tourism on a full website redevelopment in 2016, including content strategy, visitor personas, and post-launch optimization. The new site launched December 2016.

  • Realising Wanaka’s new brand in the digital realm
  • Resonating with target markets to spark dreams and action
  • Inspiring people to live the Wanaka dream and celebrate local heroes
  • Creating the definitive guide to Wanaka
  • Helping people plan their visit to Wanaka, with measurable engagement points along the way


  • A digital content strategy reflecting the new brand positioning and engaging Wanaka’s future traveller tribes
  • A user-friendly digital publishing platform for the Wanaka Tourism team
  • An optimal browsing experience for mobile visitors
  • Conversion points optimised through continuous experimentation and improvement
  • A flexible technical platform for experimentation and continuous improvement


  • 145% increase in visits to business listing pages
  • 128% Increase in referrals to member business websites
  • 29% increase in website traffic year-on-year

“Lake Wanaka Tourism worked closely with the team at TimeZoneOne on our new website. We thought we had a great site, but the proof is always with the way visitors interact with the content and flow through to the product.

Since launch in December 2016, referrals to our member business websites (a key metric for us) increased by 128% over the same period last year, a fantastic result! Plus, the feedback and accolades from our members and industry colleagues has been extremely positive.

The design of the site has given us a powerful platform to express our brand story and reinforces our positioning nicely. The best part is that we are only just starting on getting the site really performing.”

James Helmore, General Manager, Lake Wanaka Tourism

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