A letter to Christchurch on our 25th Anniversary

Dear Christchurch,

If you’ve been here awhile, like we have, you think about the city in a certain way.
You look at the new things and marvel, but you also think a little about what was here before.

When we walk down Cashel Mall, we’re wowed by the ANZ Centre, The Crossing, the BNZ Centre, and all the other wonderful new buildings. But we also remember the old Whitcoulls shop, Shades Arcade and the Triangle Centre airbridges.

When we sit on that balcony at Dux Central, we enjoy the outlook and ambience. But we also remember when it looked out over all the life and mystery of the old Poplar Lane.

When we check a book out from the magnificent Tūranga central library, we can’t help but remember the Gloucester Street library, nestled on the corner opposite the Avon, just a stone’s throw from Chancery Arcade.

Or any of another thousand memories slipping in and out of our daily thoughts, even all these years on.

We all feel that kind of nostalgia, to varying degrees. It’s important to acknowledge and remember that, because it’s all part of our city’s story. And a city’s story is vital. It helps give us all a sense of belonging, and it’s a big part of what attracts people here to visit or live. That’s why we choose to be storytellers here at TimeZoneOne – the power of stories. And as we reflect on our own 25th Anniversary, we’re thinking about our own stories more than ever.

Of course, the past is not the only part of our story. The chapters continue on. And while that can be exciting, it’s not always easy. Particularly if you still feel frustrated about things, or disconnected from the city around you, or even just nostalgic for what you feel you’ve lost. When you feel that way, you might even feel you’re not part of the story anymore.

But you are. We all are.

We’ve got to remember that when we sing Christchurch’s praises, we don’t just sing the high notes. After all, the sound is so much richer when we sing it in harmony with the lower. And when we feel that maybe our troubles have been forgotten by the world around us – it’s not necessarily the case. Just because the story continues doesn’t mean the ending’s been written. And just because we miss what’s gone doesn’t mean we can’t feel excited about what’s to come.

So, as our agency enters its next 25 years in Christchurch, how do you want your story to be told?
Because we’re ready to tell it.

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