Interpersonal Storytelling

We love to tell stories. We do it constantly. There’s the stories we tell our friends at bars; there’s the stories we tell our families. But sometimes — as filmmakers — we have to tell other people’s stories.

Angelo Lagomarcino

In 1918, Angelo Lagomarcino was doing just fine.

He had a successful ice cream parlor; a wife, Luigia, that loved him; and a bustling downtown that was eager for ice cream treats. With success, came new fixtures: custom-made booths; a soda fountain bar; a brand new terrazzo floor. Luigia quickly tightened the purse strings.

Hot Fudge

One day, a travelling salesman arrived at Lagomarcino’s with a briefcase.

Behind hushed whispers, he offered Angelo the Holy Grail of ice cream toppings: the perfect hot fudge recipe. Angelo couldn’t believe his luck. And without so much as a cursory glance at his wife, Angelo reached into his pocket, and paid the salesman twenty-five dollars.

Luigia was furious.


More than a century later, Lagomarcino’s still use the same recipe for their hot fudge.

Some would say it was the best twenty-five dollars Angelo ever spent.

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Lagomarcino’s is part of the Illinois Made series: the craftspeople, artists, family-owned businesses, small-batch breweries, distilleries, foodies, and farmers that make Illinois prosper.

Alongside the Illinois Office of Tourism, we get to tell these maker’s stories through short form documentaries. It’s a rewarding experience, as many of these businesses would otherwise not have the opportunity or platform to share their story.

Because everyone has an amazing story to tell.

We love bringing stories to life

From commercials that strengthen your brand to short form documentaries that inspire, we mix marketing know-how with creative visualization to produce stunning video content that delivers results for your business.

Let's tell your story together

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