Here at TimeZoneOne, I plan and manage the digital team to ensure a smooth process for projects and day-to-day business.

A good overview is important to me but I also like to know the details so I can help the team deliver good quality and successful results while also enjoying their work.

I’m based in the Christchurch office in New Zealand and enjoy being a link between teams. My experience as a developer, web designer, and content creator helps me understand the needs and priorities of the different teams.

I consider our teams’ skillsets beside your inputs to create an actionable game plan. By considering everyone’s talents and skills I aim to elicit the best results we can give you.

I love the diversity of the team here at TimeZoneOne and how every member brings their own personality and strengths to the team. That’s exactly what you need to accomplish creative and successful projects that are also fun to work on.

Originally from Germany, I came to New Zealand in 2019 and instantly loved it so much that I wanted to stay long-term. I’ve been here since and absolutely enjoy the kiwi lifestyle. On my days off I like to spend time outdoors: travelling, gardening, or playing with horses. I’m into natural horsemanship and also did a course in equine psychology. Believe me, this is actually also useful in managing people ;)

I also love to bake and create delicious and healthy desserts, so if you’d like to get to know me, just ask about my homemade chocolate!