I'm a media and public relations expert. I've worked in not-for-profit, private, and public sector organizations across Canada, building profile, increasing sales... and even managing crises.

I've worked for big and small organizations, and I've learned the most important part about work is the people you work with. I've known the TZO team for more than a decade. I started as a client when I managed the Calgary Tower, so I know from experience the quality and passion the team puts into their work.

I might be best described as a translator. I love getting to know an organization and who they're trying to communicate with, and then helping them reach that audience effectively. With these skills, I've communicated with the media about the Canadian Armed Forces, with tourists visiting the Military Museums and the Calgary Tower, and with individuals and organizations about their privacy rights and obligations in British Columbia.

I grew up in Alberta, traveled the world (and bungy-jumped everywhere I could), then moved to Vancouver Island about three years ago to be closer to my family. When I'm not traveling, you'll often find me in my garden or playing with my two puppies, Roxy and Becks.