I’m one of the Graphic Designers in the TimeZoneOne creative team. I do print and digital design with an emphasis on interpretation graphics.

I enjoy crafting quality design solutions that deliver results for our partners, and the variety of work provided by our diverse range of client partners. I’m a big fan of This Is Colossal, an inspiring art and design blog.


The living wall at Christchurch Airport is my favourite project. Our goal was to achieve a seamless transition between the background image and the plants of the living wall. We collaborated with engineers, horticulturists, lighting designers, sign writers and a photographer. The design has real longevity, unlike campaign design which tends to have a more limited lifespan.

Outside the office you’ll find me wearing shorts, mountain biking, tramping, hanging with my family, and making art. I’m a keen cycle advocate, and I’m busy encouraging, inspiring and downright bribing my colleagues to commute to work by bike.

Through my art practice of furniture design, sculpture, mixed media and printmaking I create pieces that address environmental issues and use reclaimed materials. I seek to create beautiful, well-crafted art that highlights the inherent beauty of reclaimed resources, and let’s face it, life is too short for bad design! Did I mention I love to ride my bike and wear shorts!

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The Field Museum, Illinois

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Illinois Social Media

We’ve had the pleasure of marketing some of the world’s most spectacular visitor destinations here at TimeZoneOne. But the opportunity to drive travel in Illinois, the home of our headquarters and so many of our team? That’s a dream—and you’ve got to pursue your dreams.


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Kiwicare empowers New Zealanders to be home and garden heroes, with a home-grown range of pest control, garden care, and outdoor cleaning products.

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Illinois Governor’s Conference on Travel & Tourism

TimeZoneOne produces the annual conference for Illinois’ tourism industry. Every year, we aspire to curate a compelling content rich event, relevant to the diverse and dynamic businesses hosting and entertaining Illinois visitors.

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