Hi, I’m Jenny-Lee. I assist the creative team to produce finished art for print and web. I’m meticulous in my work and have a strong background in the print industry.

My day involves checking files built by our high level creatives and ensuring they are exported correctly to meet requirements of print or web. I'm super organised and love being kept busy (which is ideal as TZO is a busy place). Nothing is a problem for me ... and if it is a problem then lets get to it and solve it.

I'm so proud to have stepped into my new role, boots and all, during lock down level 2.


The last major project at my previous job won Gold at the Pride & Print awards. It's always nice to get that sense of achievement with such a prestigious award.

At TZO, I love that every day is different and I’m really enjoying the fabulous US content. I keep referencing Google Maps to see where all these great places are. My geography is certainly improving as I learn about Port Aransas, Texas, plus Chicago and Illinois in general.

I love what I do and have been in the print and design industry right from leaving school. I’ve kept pace and up to date with all the technology changes. There have been a lot! I get a kick out of producing content that will be seen, read, and used either in print, signage or online. It is a real buzz to see anything I’ve worked on in a shop or on a truck, magazine or online.


I thrive on challenge and solving problems! If something is an obstacle, then let’s not panic, let’s just solve it.

I’m loving TZO; the culture of super friendly people, the talented creative team, learning new stuff from other teams, the overseas content. TimeZoneOne is a very enjoyable environment to work in.

I am very fortunate to live in one of the best places in New Zealand, Lyttelton! I arrived 30 years ago from the North Island and stayed. I love the supportive community, vibrant people, social life, cafes, bars and stunning views!

Outside of work I love to travel. I've been to 31 countries so far, but there are still heaps more to see. My favorite destination (hard to choose one) would be Bali. I've made 12 trips to Bali so far including my wedding. I do stay well clear of the tourist spots and always head to East Bali or up North. I can even speak a little Indonesian and a tiny bit of Balinese.

My other main joys are my fur kids; my wee dog Jess and a cat called Rusty.