I specialize in bringing your customers’ stories to life, using consumer insights and quantitative analytics to get to the heart of your customers’ beliefs about your brand. These insights help you create emotive brand stories and key messages that resonate with your customer groups.

I can help you design a research plan to meet your current needs. Whether you need a complete marketing research plan, or some tactical focus groups to inform a campaign, I can help you plan and execute the right research and interpret your research results to inform your marketing strategy.

My background combines qualitative and quantitative expertise. I’m a seasoned moderator and long-time market researcher with a passion for behavioral psychology. My strength is seeing the patterns in the data that reveals nuances of your customer’s motivation and behavior.

With an extensive background in analytics and marketing, I connect consumer findings to marketing strategy and help clients develop a coherent message that’s actionable.

When I’m not helping you with your customer research, I'm all about triathlons and yoga, and I love exploring new running routes when I travel. I also enjoy a good sing along. One of my favorite memories from our recent trip to Seattle to meet with Expedia, was an impromptu session of car karaoke in our taxi. I have it on good authority that my rendition of Black Betty by Ram Jam was very moving.

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In June 2017, a friend at Expedia called Daniel and asked if we might be interested in putting together a proposal to evolve their activity email marketing.

Chicago Wolves at Allstate Arena

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Chicago Wolves

Chicago Wolves ice hockey team is one of Chicago’s iconic sports teams. Founded in 1994, they’ve won three AHL conference championships, and brought untold hours of entertainment and inspiration to the people of Chicago.


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Massel stock and seasonings are made in Australia and loved by the world. Their products really are just the good gear. They’re vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free. They use premium vegetables, herbs, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil. They don’t add MSG or any artificial additives or preservatives.

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