Record Better Videos

Content Production Director Johnny Hall shares his insights into recording better videos on your mobile phone.

Record Better Videos

Your mobile phone is

Better than you think

It’s highly likely that you have a video camera in your pocket that can record in 4K resolution, at up to 60 frames per second, with built-in cinematic video stabilization, audio recording, and enough space to hold up to 56 feature films.

Here’s how to record better videos on your mobile phone.

Hands Off

Do the unthinkable, and give your phone to someone else. Have them center frame you at eye level and ask them to press record. With your hands off your phone, you’ll be better equipped to concentrate on delivering your message.

Mobile phone adapter mounts for tripods are also a cheap solution. Or ― if you’re really in a pinch ― a stack of books strategically placed on a piece of furniture will work just as well.

Get Your Good Side

If you don’t have an Aputure 120D key light handy, stand by an inside window and take a half-step back: you’ll be evenly lit, and softer shadows create a flattering light.

Alternatively, open up a blank text document on your computer and adjust your screen’s brightness for an instant key light.

Look Behind You

Wife in a bath towel? Small child playing with matches? Does it look like there’s a lamp coming out of your head? Make sure there’s nothing behind you that might distract from your message.

Turn It Off

If you’re capturing audio, take a moment to make sure you’re filming in a nice, quiet environment. Turn off anything that makes noise ― washing machines; dryers; radios etc. ― and don’t trust anyone who says, “Well just fix it in post!”

Stick to the Script

Be, ahh... clear? And, umm ― oh! Concise. Have a good grasp of your script ahead of time, so you can concentrate on delivering the best message for your audience.

And if you have to start over, that’s okay.

The Same Page

If multiple people are filming for your project, make sure there’s consistency across the board. Filming for an Instagram Story? Hot dog style not hamburger style. A blog post? Landscape not selfie ― you get the idea! The same goes for frame rates: an edit can quickly fall apart if that one person accidentally films themselves in slo-mo mode.

We love bringing stories to life

From commercials that strengthen your brand to short form documentaries that inspire, we mix marketing know-how with creative visualization to produce stunning video content that delivers results for your business.

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