To Pulp or Not to Pulp?

That is the question

Welcome to The Juice, the not-totally-new, but sorta-new-right-now blog from the team at TimeZoneOne.

The Juice: Issue 01

Back in the day, The Juice was a printed publication that we sent and shared with our clients.

It was a beautiful piece that we used to slip into our bags and bring to presentations. (Remember when we saw people in person? That was fun.)

The Juice: Issue 02

The Juice was something we were all really proud of.

We loved seeing clients’ reactions – because even then, it wasn’t every day you were handed something printed from your agency. And now, times are different. If we showed up at our clients’ doorstep – printed magazine in hand or not – we’d probably not be welcomed back.

In these “uncertain times” (we promise, that’s the only COVID cliché in this article), we have all had to learn different ways of working – with our colleagues and partners. Given that we have offices around the world, we were a bit ahead of the curve as it came to remote working. We had a Zoom account before Zoom became a verb.

And now, the demand for virtual connections and engaging digital content is even greater than before COVID. We live in the now. Which is why we are re-launching The Juice as a digital-only publication. But it will be more than that. We’ll be connecting our blog content to our e-mail and social channels too, with the hopes that we can create content that adds some value to your life.

So, back to pulp. Do you like it or not? We kind of need to know – our tagline for The Juice depends on it.

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