I’m TimeZoneOne’s PR Manager and my role is to be a lean, mean (hopefully never actually mean) pitching machine! I help brands get noticed, whether through creating eye-catching subject lines, brainstorming memorable influencer activations, or pretty much everything else in between.

My job is the perfect combination of creativity and writing. I love that I get to spend as much time editing press releases as I do envisioning a potential story that a client could be featured in on the news to drive brand awareness.

Although I’m a fairly new team member at TZO, I’ve already been able to experience the supportiveness that the team provides to each other on a daily basis. Everyone genuinely enjoys each other’s company. I’ve seen enough marketing agencies to know that this isn’t always the case.

Some past placements I am particularly proud of are in publications like Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, and Glamour, simply because I grew up reading them. As a girl, I never realized that it was someone’s job to get those items on the page. Now I understand that nothing just happens—usually a lot of hard work goes into making something great, with maybe just a little bit of luck.

I’m someone that respects transparency and a good sense of humor. I’ve never heard a pun that I don’t appreciate. Every year on St. Patrick’s Day (one of my favorite holidays), I sport this shirt that I designed and had made about five years ago.

I’m fairly certain I would save it if my house was on fire.

I can usually be found spending time with friends or family on a patio somewhere, enjoying some good wine and great food!

As far as inspiration goes, there’s only one quote I live by: “Work hard and be nice to people.”

Recent Projects with Madeline

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TimeZoneOne supported the Illinois Office of Tourism's "Amazing For All" campaign with a lively activation in Chicago's Boystown neighborhood.