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Google is consolidating its position of strength in the travel planning process with two new travel products: Google Trips and Destinations on Google.

Destination Google

Friends and family plant the seeds of travel inspiration, but travel planning starts with search. And search begins with Google. We take a look at what Google’s new travel tools mean for destination marketers. / MORE >

TZO Edit #7

We say goodbye to a beloved team member. French fries conquer the day. Secrets to successful sales are revealed. Comic-Con takes a stand against live stream spoilers. Tumblr joins the live streaming world, and HTTPS once again proves its greatness. / MORE >

TZO Edit #6

Instagram improves its marketing capabilities. YouTube takes a new approach to live. One of our own takes the gold. Google proves a way out of its ad personalization, and Facebook gets a hint on easier advertising tools. / MORE >

Laura Schwartz fills some big suspenders

We'd like to say a big congratulations to Laura Schwartz. Earlier in July Laura flew to California to  guest host for PoliticKing while Larry King was away. She was so excited to fill those suspenders. / MORE >

Data driven decisions

Digital strategist Lawrence Smith makes the case for digital marketing guided by data driven decisions. / MORE >

TZO Edit #5

B2B marketers watch closely as Microsoft takes LinkedIn under its wing. We say hello to secure HTTPS. Instagram's journey from small startup to over 500 million users, and a Christchurch charity event you just can't miss. / MORE >
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