Digital & Development

Effective websites, app design, and digital marketing.

Grow Your Fame. Grow Your Business.

Digital media gives you untold new opportunities to reach people that matter to you. But you’ve got to do it with precision, efficiency and know-how. We build and design beautiful, effective websites and apps, and we create social and digital campaigns that set records for engagement and ROI.

TZO DesignDevelopment

Website Design and Development.

Your website has to meet the needs and expectations of your users, and it has to do it with style, elegance and efficiency. That's where we excel. We've been building websites for just about as long as websites have existed, and we've learnt exactly what it takes to make one great.

TZO AppDesign

Put your business in your audience's hands.

App Design and Development.

Your business might not need an app. Not every business does. But if there's the potential one will help your customers, we'll help you figure out exactly the right mix of functionality, convenience, efficiency and design. Then we'll take care of every bit of development, from concept to launch.

TZO DigitalMarketing

Digital Marketing and Advertising.

Get the most efficient and effective digital marketing for your spend. Based on a strong understanding of your customers and your data, we design and build campaigns to give you returns on investment that actually make a difference for your business.

TZO SocialMedia

Social Media Strategy, Marketing and Management.

Why use social media? It's where your customers are. We work with you to make sure you're there speaking with them in a way that helps you achieve your goals. We can provide you with a strategy and plan, help you figure out your social media advertising, or even look after your accounts for you.


Search Engine Optimization.

It's no good having a beautiful website if nobody can find it. We make sure your website is set up to give it the best possible search engine rankings, then we monitor its performance to keep it where it belongs: right at the top. Our secret? Just practical, proactive advice and recommendations.

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The Digital & Development Team

Jonathan Copson

Jonathan Copson

Development Manager

I’m a senior developer specialising in backend development, so I’m usually trying to figure out the best way to store information and how to make things work smoothly server side.

Joey Durham

Joey Durham

Executive Director, Development

I manage TimeZoneOne’s hosting infrastructure and I also specialize in WordPress development. One of my passions is providing managed hosting services to our partners. We manage your site and your servers for maximum efficiency.

Dice Sales

Dice Sales

Digital Creative Director

I’m one of the digital designers at TimeZoneOne. I specialise in web design and development and I’m an advocate that sites should be structured, practical, and simple. My goal is to design and build beautiful, functional interfaces that delight and inform users.

Ed Millington

Ed Millington

Senior Front End Developer

I’m a front-end developer here at TimeZoneOne. My job is to take our digital designers’ beautiful work and bring it to life on the screen.

Matthew  Rayner

Matthew Rayner

Full Stack Developer

To me, web development is about solving problems, and that’s what I enjoy most about my job. It’s like a new puzzle to solve every day.

Cullen Mooney

Cullen Mooney

Front End Developer