I’m a front-end developer here at TimeZoneOne, working in our New Zealand office. My job is to take our digital designers’ beautiful work and bring it to life on the screen.

I’m responsible for making sure that our websites are blazing fast, easy to use and accessible to as many people as possible, whether they’re visiting on mobile phone, their desktop, or using assistive technology.

My favourite thing about being part of TimeZoneOne’s development team is that the way in which we work is always evolving. We are constantly reviewing our processes, discussing best practice and, most importantly, learning from each other.

Originally from the United Kingdom, I came to Christchurch in 2016 and have worked for TimeZoneOne ever since. When I’m not in the office, you’ll usually find me up a mountain, down a river valley, or otherwise deep in the heart of the South Island’s breath-taking scenery… and usually knee deep in sand fly bites.


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SKOPE is an iconic kiwi brand. For more than half a century, its heaters were an everyday sight in homes around the country, providing warmth, comfort, and familiarity.


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Kiwicare empowers New Zealanders to be home and garden heroes, with a home-grown range of pest control, garden care, and outdoor cleaning products.

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Digital & Development/ Strategy


Not so long ago, travel purchase decisions followed a linear process. Travelers arrived in their destination after extensive planning, with accommodation and transport booked and activities scheduled. These days, mobile has changed everything.

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