Travel Trade Marketing

Your destination deserves its place in the spotlight.

Putting Your Destination in the Spotlight.

Your destination deserves its place in the spotlight. Our travel trade professionals work hard on your behalf to promote your destination to travel agencies, tour companies and everyone else in the industry. We create travel trade partnerships, communication strategies, campaigns, FAMs and more.

Travel Trade Partnerships.

Travel is better when you're not alone — and the same's true for trade marketing. By working with travel agents and tourism operators, you can reach large, receptive customer markets efficiently, at low cost. We help you forge those relationships and keep them generating results.


Route 66 at the London's Regent Street Motor Show.

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Familiarization Trips (FAMs).

If people are selling your destination in their own markets, then they need to have first-hand knowledge of what it's like. That's what a familiarization trip (or FAM) achieves. We organize special trips for travel trade professionals, media and influencers, showing them the best you have to offer.

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Trade Shows.

Travel trade shows are a great way to get you and your destination or brand noticed. We're a fixture at many of the big ones, and we can help you put your best foot forward, setting you up with the resources, connections and messages you need to be a success.


The Travel Trade Team

Mary Twomey

Mary Twomey

Executive Director Travel Trade & Tourism Business

I can help you promote your destination to travel agencies and tour companies, forge travel trade partnerships and create effective trade communication strategies and trade marketing campaigns.