I love getting amazing concepts and campaigns in front of the people that want them. These days, being marketed to is just a part of life. So, marketing should absolutely be a seamless experience and not an invasive one. That’s what I do.

Hey! I'm Chrystle - a data-focused digital marketing professional. Using paid campaigns and digital strategy, I bring your engaging stories to life.

All businesses exist to solve problems. It’s fair to say people experience a range of issues, and the same solution won’t apply to everyone. I pull together data to get your audience right, connecting with people in a meaningful and relevant way. After all, that’s where the magic happens.

Part of that challenge is knowing the right channel for the right audience. Not everyone is willing to take the risk and put their message out on a channel they’ve never tried before, but I love taking them on that journey.

It’s insane the way people react differently to minor changes in creative and content. I love adjusting that one small detail that makes the difference for one culture or audience, and all the results that come from that.

Some say that reviewing analytics reports and spreadsheets are boring. I say there’s so much you can pull from data to uncover gaps in the user experience, remove the guesswork, and create something better.

Search is still a powerful tool, and my desire is to make that more genuine and better for the consumer. You get the right mix of a great landing page plus paid and organic search and you can see the results. I still get a big kick from seeing that done well.

These days, I live vicariously through clients. Working with businesses across APAC and North America makes me feel like I’m still in the travel industry. I have a great deal of experience creating strategies for hotels, tourism and outdoor brands. When I’m not at my computer, I'm hiking, skiing, and snowboarding in the mountains. 

My values of authenticity, adventure, and community drive my work. I’m always keen to hear about any exciting opportunities and new challenges, so why not give me a shout?