Effective websites and app design

Creating an Authentic Digital Touchpoint that Connects with Your Audience

We build and design beautiful, effective websites and apps that represent your brand in the best way possible in the online space.

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Clean, modern & efficient

We know what makes a great website

Your website has to meet the needs and expectations of your users, and it has to do it with style, elegance and efficiency. That's where we excel. We've been building websites for just about as long as websites have existed, and we've learnt exactly what it takes to make one great.

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Experience & knowledge to create something special

A passionate, integrated team of experts

Our designers, developers, content managers and SEO specialists are nimble, flexible and comfortable working across international time zones, allowing us to deliver on tight timelines. We ensure that all the work we do together reflects your objectives, values and vision.

Our Website Development Process

This is where we’ll discuss your goals in more detail and explore, validate and finalise the brief to ensure our work is structured and to deliver the specific outcomes you’re looking for. We’ll also establish the relationship between all the people working on the project.

Christine, Matthew, David and Jacqui

Once we fully understand where you are currently, and where you want to go, we’ll start working out how we’re going to get there. Success of your web presence will depend heavily on how you meet your customers’ needs. This stage involves:

business meeting
  • + Ideation for site concept and function
  • + Developing personas
  • + Developing user stories
  • + Developing SEO keyword strategy
  • + Developing content strategy
Information Architecture

Information architecture dictates how the content on your site is organized to create an intuitive user journey. Our IA recommendations will take a user-focused approach to deliver a website that meets your users’ needs and helps achieve your goals.

UI Drawing

Dynamic, engaging content is vital to the success of any project. Copy, imagery and other elements need to combine in a way that's useful, relevant and easy-to-understand. Content should be:

Typing on laptop copy
  • + Written/optimized for your audience and any segmented personas
  • + Developed with a focus on SEO
  • + Engaging, relevant and with an angle to convert 
  • + Accessible and dynamic across all devices

Within our team we have digital designers who are trained and experienced in both design and development. Our team will use their experience to create a desktop and mobile design concept that integrates seamlessly with the look and feel of your brand.

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Our development team possess a range of specialist skills to bring your new website design to life! We are confident in the quality of every project we deliver and offer a 10 calendar-day post-go-live warranty period.

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  • + Throughout development we follow a regression testing schedule
  • + All code is peer-reviewed to ensure scalability & security
  • + We utilize a formal QA phase of final pre-launch checks
Mobile Optimized Design

Mobile is more important than ever

Accessible and ready to evolve

Your website must be responsive and deliver an incredible experience on all devices. As technology constantly evolves, so too must your website. As a full-service web design and development agency, we'll ensure your digital presence is optimized and updated to match changes in technology.

Content Management Systems

TimeZoneOne works primarily with SilverStripe and WordPress, which are easy-to-use content management systems and open-source platforms. We'll work closely with your team to determine the right option for you.


SilverStripe allows you to customize content for any type of website or web application, resulting in a clean, professional look and feel. With an intuitive sitetree structure and drag-and-drop functionality, the CMS provides content managers the control they need, without having to know HTML.


WordPress is easy-to-use for both users and publishers, making it a highly flexible option. There are thousands of plugins that extend what WordPress does, so the actual functionality is quite extensive.

The Right CMS For You

Both systems can be tailored to suit the needs of your website. During our discovery process it'll become clear which system will work best for your website and business goals. Regardless of CMS, our team will deliver a website that's modern, on-brand and easily updatable by your own team.


Ensuring your website rises to the top

Search Engine Optimization

It's no good having a beautiful website if nobody can find it. We make sure your website is set up to give it the best possible search engine rankings, then we monitor its performance to keep it where it belongs: right at the top. Our secret? Just practical, proactive advice and recommendations.

Learn More about our SEO Packages
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Put your business in your audience's hands

App Design and Development

Your business might not need an app. Not every business does. But if there's the potential one will help your customers, we'll help you figure out exactly the right mix of functionality, convenience, efficiency and design. Then we'll take care of every bit of development, from concept to launch.

The Development Team

Joey Durham

Joey Durham

Executive Director, Development

I manage TimeZoneOne’s hosting infrastructure and I also specialize in WordPress development. One of my passions is providing managed hosting services to our partners. We manage your site and your servers for maximum efficiency.

Jonathan Copson

Jonathan Copson

Development Manager

I’m a senior developer specialising in backend development, so I’m usually trying to figure out the best way to store information and how to make things work smoothly server side.

Andrea Kunkel

Andrea Kunkel

Digital Project Manager

Here at TimeZoneOne, I plan and manage the digital team to ensure a smooth process for projects and day-to-day business.

Dice Sales

Dice Sales

Digital Creative Director

I’m one of the digital designers at TimeZoneOne. I specialise in web design and development and I’m an advocate that sites should be structured, practical, and simple. My goal is to design and build beautiful, functional interfaces that delight and inform users.

Salman Kahn

Salman Kahn

Senior Developer

At TimeZoneOne I mostly work on backend development for any type of website. I bring experience working on web development frameworks like SilverStripe, Symfony and CodeIgniter. I’ve also got a passion for front-end development, and in my spare time I like working on technologies like REACT, Angular and VueJS.

Matthew  Rayner

Matthew Rayner

Full Stack Developer

To me, web development is about solving problems, and that’s what I enjoy most about my job. It’s like a new puzzle to solve every day.

Cullen Mooney

Cullen Mooney

Front End Developer