A story 25 years in the making.
Let’s celebrate the milestones.
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Look back on a quarter-century dream...

The New Zealand dream has been known traditionally as the “quarter-acre dream." For us, it's been a quarter-century dream. Take a look back at some of our creative highlights.

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A lot can happen in 25 years.
For us, it’s been everything.

This year we turn 25. It's a long time for anyone in this business. We’ve experienced a lot over those years, and we've been proud to share the journey with a lot of great people.

We've been reflecting a little on all that's happened since 1994—both here at TZO, and in the world around us. Take a trip down memory lane with our timeline. Think about where you were at each stop. And maybe share your memories with us—tag them with #TZO25 so we can all enjoy them.

Our Journey So Far...
Three crazy kiwis, one big dream

Three New Zealand lads thought it might be fun to open an agency. The first office opens in Christchurch, above a retail store that sells bags.

TZO timeline 1994 NZ
  • Email becomes an office staple
  • “Friends” premieres on TV
  • The Comic Sans typeface makes its first appearance — whoops!
Couches, thermals & pies

Our bread’n’butter clients include Hunter Furniture, Everwarm Thermals and KB Bakery. Mmm…pies.

TZO timeline 1995 Couch
  • Five rival companies agree on a new standard for digital video: DVD
  • “Toy Story,” the first wholly computer-generated feature film, hits theatres
  • Michael Jordan returns to the NBA
A sound future insured

AMI Insurance become our first National client.

TZO timeline 1997 AMI
  • The world mourns the loss of Princess Diana
  • First emoji appears on Japanese mobile phones
  • Matthew Rayner — future Junior Developer at TimeZoneOne! — is born
Kiwis can fly

Recognising an opportunity for work in London, we spread our wings and set forth with a can-do attitude!

TZO timeline 1999 KiwisFly
  • Companies wait for pandemonium to hit with the Y2K bug
  • BlackBerry releases its first device, the 850
  • Who premieres in a pineapple on your TV? “SpongeBob SquarePants”!
IU Global, a new world production agency

After changing our name to IU Global, we start chasing the sun and our dreams. A key point of difference: “I can brief creatives at 5 p.m. and get a draft back by 8 a.m. the following day.”

TZO timeline 2000 IUGlobal
  • Team New Zealand successfully defend the America’s Cup
  • 20th Century Fox releases the first film in the “X-Men” franchise
  • At 24, Tiger Woods becomes the youngest golfer to complete a Grand Slam
TimeZoneOne name is launched

A new millennium and a new name. We officially launch the name TimeZoneOne — a nod to the fact that New Zealand is in the first time zone and that our time difference is the key to our great service.

TZO timeline 2001 TZO
  • With the release of “Lord of the Rings," New Zealand gets on the whole world's radar
  • Apple unveils the iTunes platform
  • The Mars Odyssey spacecraft reaches Mars
New Zealand firm lands £500,000 transport account

TimeZoneOne turns a few heads by winning the contract for Scotland’s only publicly funded transport authority.

TZO timeline 2001 ScotlandTransport
  • The World Trade Center attacks shock the world
  • Dennis Tito becomes the first space tourist
  • Wikipedia goes online
TimeZoneOne opens an office in Chicago

More opportunities in the U.S. inspires us to open a new headquarters in Chicago.

TZO timeline 2002 Chicago
  • Crocs releases its first shoe at a boat show in Florida
  • Kelly Clarkson wins Season One of "American Idol"
  • The United States hosts the XIX Olympic Winter Games
Cool Kiwis – why it’s suddenly HOT on the edge of the World

It seems like the world is suddenly paying attention to our island nation. No surprise here — the geographical isolation of New Zealand has always created a culture of making things happen. It’s in our DNA.

TZO timeline 2003 Time
  • Population of New Zealand exceeds 4 million
  • Scientists successfully map the Human Genome
  • Tragedy strikes the Space Shuttle Columbia
TimeZoneFUN, the ultimate in team-building…

In an effort to bring the global teams together, our company introduces the ultimate team-building exercise: TimeZoneFun! This annual event brings the whole staff together in one location for a week of adventure.

TZO timeline 2004 TimeZoneFUN
  • Mark Zuckerberg launches “TheFacebook”
  • Tragic “Boxing Day tsunami” hits Asia
  • “Friends” airs its final episode. "Where?"
Down Under agency looking at top

TimeZoneOne publishes an upside-down promotional map with New Zealand on the top this time. The reason behind the stunt: "We think it’s time to break with tradition.”

TZO timeline 2005 UpsideDownMap
  • YouTube changes online video forever
  • Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston call it quits
  • Hurricane Katrina strikes New Orleans
TimeZoneOne wins three big contracts in the US

We start to make traction in the American market, winning the rebrands for the American Medical Association and School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), as well as the US Army Sport Recruitment campaign.

TZO timeline 2005 ThreeBigWins
  • The superjumbo jet Airbus A380 makes its first flight
  • Microsoft releases the Xbox 360
  • Gwen Stefani’s "Hollaback Girl" is the most-downloaded song of the year
TimeZoneOne wins contract for a little rubber shoe

We win the contact for all Crocs marketing material.

TZO timeline 2006 Crocs
  • Google buys YouTube
  • Twitter introduces us to 140-character limits
  • Pluto loses its full planet status. Hang in there, little guy!
Boxed ’n’ Beautiful

In 2007 we created an award-winning suite of recruitment material for SAIC. The beautifully boxed brochures produced excellent results for the school, increasing the number of student applications.

TZO timeline 2007 SAIC
  • Apple announces the release of the first iPhone
  • Spoiler alert: Harry Potter finally vanquishes Voldemort in the series' final book
  • Britney Spears shaves her hair. Spoiler alert: she'll be fine
and the winner is….

TimeZoneOne/Zimmerman win an Effie Award for Crocs' “Take a Closer Look” campaign.

TZO timeline 2008 Effie
  • Barack Obama becomes the first African American president of the United States
  • Another man to reach great heights — Mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary — dies
  • Apple releases the iPad
We build our first website

We enter the world of development, building our first website for the Magnificent Mile.

TZO timeline 2010 MagMileWebsite
  • A magnitude 7.1 earthquake strikes Christchurch & Canterbury
  • Justin Bieber gets discovered through a video posted on YouTube
  • Instagram launches
22 Feb, Christchurch earthquake

Devastation hits. The Christchurch team loses its office to the infamous earthquake, requiring relocation.

TZO timeline 2011 EQ
  • Doctors complete the world’s first synthetic organ transplant
  • Kate Middleton and Prince William tie the royal knot
  • It's the end of R.E.M. as we know it: the band announces its breakup after 31 years
Daniel Thomas joins TimeZoneOne

Daniel feels on top of the world when he joins the team as President and CEO.

TZO timeline 2013 Daniel
  • Popular breakfast spread Marmite returns to New Zealand supermarket shelves, ending “marmageddon”
  • The US endures the Boston Marathon bombings
TimeZoneOne expands its capabilities

Some post-quake collaboration sees TimeZoneOne acquire Fountaine Design and Cabbage Tree Creative to expand its capabilities and provide further development expertise.

TZO timeline 2015 FountaineCabbage
  • The All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup, the only team to ever win the tournament twice in a row
  • Don Draper and “Mad Men” leave our screens
Public relations & trade marketing, and we move into Canada

TimeZoneOne begins its work with the Illinois Office of Tourism, adding Public Relations and Tourism Trade Marketing to our services. We open a new office in Toronto, Canada.

TZO timeline 2017 Canada
  • Jacinda Ardern becomes Prime Minister of New Zealand, the world’s youngest female head of government
  • The #metoo movement sparks vital discussions worldwide
New office on the Mag Mile

We open a new office in Chicago's historic Wrigley Building. TimeZoneOne: A global agency with an un-agency approach.

TZO timeline 2018 NewChicagoOffice
  • Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle. (Say that ten times fast.)
  • Teams rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach from an underground cave in Thailand
25 years of storytelling

We celebrate 25 years of delivering great results for our partners. Our Christchurch office moves to its brand new location.

TZO timeline 2019 25thAnniversary
  • Barbie turns 60
  • Astronomers release the first-ever image of a black hole
  • Climate change strikes and protests ramp up, much of it inspired by teenage activist Greta Thunberg

A Letter to Christchurch on our 25th Anniversary

If you’ve been here awhile, like we have, you think about the city in a certain way. You look at the new things and marvel, but you also think a little about what was here before...

A letter to Christchurch on our 25th Anniversary

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