Pros and Cons of Media

Which Media Should you Choose to Promote your Business?

Recently we prepared a presentation on the pros and cons of various media types. It’s quite a handy resource, so we thought we’d share it here too.

Traditional, non-traditional & social media, pros and cons

Recently we prepared a presentation for a prospective client on the pros and cons of various media types. It’s quite a handy resource, so we thought we’d share it here too.

Traditional Media

Network TV 


  • High viewership and broad reach. Possibly still the highest reach medium.
  • High impact.
  • Demographic targeting is possible with opportunities to target by interest.
  • Quality program environment (usually!).
  • Strong creative medium. Combine sight, sound and motion for emotional impact and to educate.
  • Good medium to reach children.
  • Good credibility. TV is established and solid.



  • Expensive media buy.
  • Expensive production.
  • Declining ratings and decreasing audience.
  • People can channel surf and skip commercials, or edit them out altogether.
  • Poor geo-targeting, although using local channels can solve this to an extent.
  • Difficult to measure response.

Non Traditional & Social Media

Digital SEM, Web banners & Remarketing


  • Tight budget controls with the ability to adjust budget and spend on the fly.
  • Inexpensive production cost (no printing or postage)
  • Pay per click means you pay only for results.
  • Flexible. Your campaign can be rapidly updated or optimized based on results.
  • Measureable. Track traffic to your site and online sales.
  • Track your ROI accurately.
  • An engaged active audience.
  • Strong targeting capabilities, geo-target. Target by interest and by key words.
  • Strong creative targeting. Target your ads to your audience by interest and location.
  • Retarget people who have visited your site but not converted, with remarketing.



  • Limited creative space can constrain messaging and creative.
  • Declining click through rates on web banners through advertising clutter.
  • Targeting takes time and experimentation to find your audience,
  • Requires continual maintenance.

TimeZoneOne’s competitive advantage

Here are some of the main things we do that benefit our clients.

  • We take an integrated approach to all projects. Our cross-disciplinary team of experts combines the skills of a far bigger agency in one tight creative shop. This means we are able to create hard hitting multi-platform campaigns with broad reach.
  • Because of our broad skill base we add value to all the projects we work on. A good example of this is the fan focus group we put together to discuss the Chicago Wolves current branding. These target market insights added value to our initial concepting, and our discussions with your team.
  • We’re relentlessly result focused. We review results weekly, monthly and quarterly, and if something isn’t working, we change it.
  • As a result of our focus on getting results for our client, we’ve honed our ability to use digital as a direct response medium. Digital delivers immediate results, deep data, and flexibility. We like that. So do our clients.
  • Because we’re focused on results, we’re not sentimental about advertising mediums. If a medium gets results, we’ll make it work for you. If it doesn’t, we won’t recommend it to you.
  • Our award winning design team matches creative skill and visual sophistication with pragmatism, and an understanding of design that gets results. That’s a surprisingly rare combination!
  • We’re big on learning. We invest in the best people, and then we invest in their professional and personal development. Our team is continually learning, and that means we are always bringing new ideas to the table.
  • We’re a boutique agency, so you get the brains of the operation working on your projects all the time.
  • We only work with clients we really want to work with, so we give all our clients great creative energy.

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